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  • Image Editing Made Easy

    If you are like me, you are busy!  We all are!  Anytime I find a resource that makes my life easier I love to share it!  I was thrilled when I found the Picnik application where I could very easily edit photos to use in my marketing efforts, but late last year they were acquired by Google.  While one may think this would be a good thing, it turned out that Google decided to close Picnik entirely.  Gone was my easy resource.  Sure, I know how to use Adobe Photoshop, but this application was so tremendously easy to use.

    Since Picnik closed, I have been toughing it out going back to my more complicated programs for image editing needs.  Until now that is…

    I have found a new application that does exactly what Picnik did!  We are back in business…making easy image edits and moving on to the next thing.  Check outPicMonkey today if you want a simple way to make image edits.  It is a breeze to use and has quite a few editing features I may have had in prior programs, but never tried.


    There you have it, my secret photo editing weapon!  There are still many of Picnik’s editing features incorporated into Google+, but PicMonkey is a fun alternative that is super easy, super fun, with super features.  Go check it out!

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