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Main principles of our work with clients are:

  1. Plan for what you do. Every organization or business is very good at what they do. But what often gets missed is the plan that will get them there.
  2. Create tactics that work for your business or organization, not what works for someone else. Your budget, your strategy.
  3. Integrate your tactics into technology to create the greatest results and efficiencies. Look for ways to weave various tactics together.
  4. Measure your results. If you aren’t measuring each tactic, then you are making decisions in the dark. Monitor basic metrics and you will be able to determine the marketing that works for you.
  5. Optimize your marketing by ensuring that you are consistent with your brand and are building upon it with each tactic you employ. Be consistent.
  6. Facilitate conversations and sharing with your customers, constituents, prospects, partners, and employees.


I’ve had the opportunity to work with Carissa as a consultant on a few projects and have always been incredibly impressed with her strategic thinking and execution. She’s a supportive leader with a keen ability to identify growth opportunities and…

Stephen Hall-CoFounder of Tinker Coffee

Carissa is a rare find combining both great leadership and execution. In her time with us, she doubled our inbound leads, launched PPC and direct mail as new marketing channels, and navigated acquisition complexities – all while motivating and inspiring…

Scott Avera-The Avera Group

Carissa is a knowledgeable marketing professional who knows how to balance the theory with practical applications. I have enjoyed collaborating on projects with her because of her ability to create a vision for a project and communicate clearly to everyone…

Lorraine Ball-Roundpeg

Carissa is a rare talent in the marketing industry, able to scale from resource-tight challenges to multi-million dollar marketing budgets. Her knowledge across mediums and understanding of omnichannel marketing efforts and how they interact and feed off one another is…

Douglas Karr-DK New Media

Carissa is an extremely talented person. She knows how to put together all the essential elements to make sure a story is told, a project is understood. She is fluent in story telling, graphic elements, presentation elements and audience engagement…

Jack Kleymeyer-Certified John Maxwell Business Coach
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