The Multiplier Effect

Networking and social media can have a powerful effect on your interactions both business and personal. When you think about it, each interaction multiplies into a web that often spans many areas of your life. I’ve seen this personally and professionally the good, the bad, and the ugly. Although I can assure you that in most instances I have experienced positive results to building a strong network.

Here are 3 easy ways to multiply your network to its fullest:

  1. Be Consistent: With all of the various networks available today, it is often tough to keep track of all of the profiles However, I would recommend that no matter where you have a profile, be consistent. Consistent in how you build your profile. Consistent in the images you use. And most importantly consistent with the material you post and how you interact in each respective network. If you utilize a network personally or professionally, always think about your posts and how they might be perceived by any audience. Once it is out there, it is out of your hands.
  2. Do Reciprocate: We all naturally want to accomplish our objectives, but often people in a network are willing to ask on their behalf, but aren’t willing to give when asked in return. I believe that networking begins with the golden rule in mind and you should always be thinking about how you can help others that reach out to you while also accomplishing what you set out to do. It’s also amazing the reward you can achieve by being on the giving end. Whether it is providing a referral, a recommendation, or simply some advice-you will see the impact of what you are doing right away and rewards often come full circle even if not requested.
  3. Don’t Burn Bridges: Seems as if it should be common sense really, am I right? Well, unfortunately in business and in our personal lives, we often get clouded with our own goals that we don’t see the bridge we are burning in the process. There have been so many times in my life I have wanted to simply cut a connection or a tie. It’s tempting in the heat of frustration, but I can assure you that feelings always change and cool over time. When that happens, you want that bridge to remain. You never know how a connection can become that multiplier for you.

All simple things to do everyday, but each takes intention and time.

Are you taking that extra time to multiply the network for yourself and those around you?